Top 5 Apps of the Week

Top 5 Apps of the Week

Scott Dylan’s top five apps of the week this week – 17th March 2014 – contains a miracle app. No, I’m not kidding! We have an app that will help to give you peace of mind where your bills are concerned, budgeting and showing you an in-depth calendar that will help you keep on top of your finances. We’ve also got a smartphone-turned-baby monitor app and a gorgeous wallpaper update from an old favourite. Read on!

Taskei – Just a few weeks ago, Muzei was featured on here as a fantastic live wallpaper app which brings you a different, dynamic wallpaper every single day. Taskei is the little sister of this app, allowing users to load in new wallpapers from different sources depending on their location or their Wi-Fi connection. Users can view album art while they listen to music, view images from National Geographic or NASA, or view their own Flickr albums at will. Now your phone will look even more beautiful – and personal!

Available for free from Google Play.

ETA – This simple little app estimates how long it will take you to drive to a selected location, bearing in mind traffic conditions, accidents on the road and the current weather. You can track your daily commute, measure how long it will take you to drive to the beach at the weekend, or you can swipe and switch it to ‘walking mode’ which shows you how long it would take you to walk to any of your chosen destinations. If you do a lot of travelling, this app is perfect for you!

Available for £1.49 from the App Store.

Dormi – You pay more than enough for the contract of your smartphone, it only seems fair that you can use it for a multitude of other functions – including a baby monitor! If you have a spare Android phone or tablet device, you can turn it into a baby monitor which will broadcast to your current smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, using 3G or Wi-Fi connection. This is a subscription service, but you can try it free for four hours a month.

Available free on Google Play.

UpWord Notes – Ever since the inception of iOS 7, we have been searching for a notepad app that is as streamlined and sleek as the operating system it is running on. Looks like we’ve finally found one with UpWord Notes. Intuitive wipe gestures allow users to cross out list items, create one-tap reminders and highlight important text, and there are a myriad of formatting options way beyond any other note-taking app on the App Store.

Available for £1.49 on the App Store.

Bills Forecast – We can all agree that bills are a pain, but one thing that can take the sting out of them is being able to budget and forecast what they might be. Bills Forecast helps to ease your budgeting worries, with calendars and push notifications that can help you keep track of your incomings and outgoings, rather than feeling a shiver of cold dread as the brown envelope lands on your doormat.

Available for £1.49 on the App Store.

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